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Friday, April 14, 2017

My baby is TWO!

Wow I can hardly believe this!! I was looking at pictures of Gracie the day she was born the other day and just started bawling.


and I LOVE the time that I have to be her mom. Truly is a blessing.
Some fun facts about Gracie at 2 years old:

*she speaks in sentences
*she is VERY smart
*very determined little girl
*very emotional
*sleeps 12 hours at night
*takes a 3 hour nap daily
*she's in size 5 diapers. potty training starting soon!
*she still has a binky for nap time and bedtime. working on getting rid of that soon too!
*she's wearing size 2T clothes
*she's still in a crib. I'm going to keep it this way for a while too!
*she has all her baby teeth but her 2 top canines!
*she's got an ATTITUDE- wow haha
*she is obsessed with moana! we have to watch it once a day
*she sings a TON of songs! probably 15 different songs or so
*she's a very social little butterfly. at stores, she's always waving at people and laughing!
*she loves to throw tantrums
*she LOVES avocados! her favorite food by far. oh and greek yogurt! has to have those daily.
*loves to swim

There's so much more I could tell you about her- but those are the basics!
I love Gracie's little personality. or should i say BIG personality hahaha. It is huge- and i love it. I wouldn't have it any other way. in the store- she's always loud. whether its laughing, crying, or singing. She does all of those things very loudly, every day.

Since she and her dad share the same birthday and she's obsessed with Moana- we decided to have a moana party! we have a swimming pool at our complex- and I found a chicken piñata (like hay hay). We invited family and it was a lot of fun! we had pizza, salad, and some cake! Gracie got some fun presents from everyone- and LOVED her huge "2" balloon. She was actually sick on her actual birthday. so that was no fun. we watched moana 3 times.....hahaha. We got her a balance bike for her birthday, some bubbles, lipstick, and some clothes. Tanner got a four-wheeler.

The past 2 years have been the best years of my life. The most challenging, and rewarding days of my life. I never understood why parenting was both challenging and rewarding but now I do.

here's some fun pics I took of her for her bday!!!!
love you gracie goo!

Gah i just love her so much. I wish she'd stop growing up!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

22 months old

This last month with Gracie has been SO FUN!! and SO HARD! haha all at the same time. Tanner and I talk often about how parenting allows you to feel every emotion possible. It is INSANE! One minute I'm consoling gracie about how its ok that another kid doesn't want to play with her toys, and the next minute I'm telling her not to bite her dogs tail. hahahahahaha!!!! it's hilarious.  I wouldn't trade motherhood for the world though. She is my little side kick and we have a lot of fun together!!

She just barely cut her bottom 2 canines! poor girl has been trying to get them in for a couple months and they finally popped through.
In January she had:
a sinus infection
and then croup!
It was a rough 3 weeks. And on top of all of that she was teething and i had no idea. probably didn't help things either.  So most of January that's what we were doing- using the nose frida to get her nose clean- snuggles all day long, not sleeping at night, rocking her at night, steroid shots, doctor visits, and lots of movies. Now that she's feeling better I've been trying to get her out of the habit of watching TV.
Gracie loves to dance! I wish I could upload videos on here but It won't let me. She stands up on our chest thats in the middle of the living room and just dances her heart out! she knows how to shimmy and says "shake your booty!" it's hilarious.
She also has become very empathetic towards others when they are sad. Whenever ANYONE is crying she'll look at me with her bottom lip curled and say "is she so sad?" "hug." and then she'll go give them a hug. she wants to do kisses too but if it's someone she doesn't know, I put an end to that one. haha!!
Actually this morning I woke up to: "why is gracie so sad? is she so sad mamma? why? yeah? hug."
it was the CUTEST thing I've ever heard. I just love her so much. She teaches me things daily. This mornings teaching moment was, if you're sad- give yourself a hug!

Gracie is too smart for her own good. Tanner and I feel like she's outsmarted us! for real. she says 3-5 word sentences and is always speaking to us like she's a teenager. She's got QUITE the personality- it cracks everyone up around us. she's a goofball and loves to follow me around the house all day long. She's gotten into this weird attachment stage where she I have to be in her sight at all times or she screams.  It makes daily tasks almost impossible ;) haha

Gracie takes one nap a day- she usually goes down around noon and sleeps for 2-3 hours. She still loves her sleep. She goes to bed around 630/7 and sleeps in until 7/730.

She weighs a whopping 31 lbs and is wearing 2t and some 3t clothes!! she's got some chunky thighs but thats how i like em!

I am loving doing her lately. It's fun to be creative and come up with new hairstyles for her. She used to squirm a lot but she's gotten used to it. I give her my phone to watch videos of herself- and she's good the whole time. She also LOVES her baths still. We found these color tablets that make the water turn colors. she loves those and her bubbles!

I can't believe she's almost 2. it blows my mind. I love her so much, and I love that every day she teaches me something. Even when I wish she'd just listen to me and not hit her dog, or not slap mommy, or not scream in my ear, or not throw her food at me, or not take a nap, or not put her sock in my mouth, or not hit people, etc. hahahahahahahaha.
the joys of motherhood in a nutshell.

Now on to thinking about her 2nd birthday party!!!!

love my gracie girl. And here's some pics of the last month! not in any order at all so enjoy!